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How to set up your Google Analytics and get the code

It takes only a few minutes to get your Google Analytics code for your website. Having the code on the site gives a boost in SEO and you can keep track of where your traffic is coming from.

Go to this link:

Click on the “Sign In” link, then choose Google Analytics from list
A new page will open (see image below) then click SIGN UP (you can sign in using your gmail account if you have one, or any email address).

google analytics 1

When the New Account page opens, the Website tab should automatically be chosen, if not, choose:

What would you like to track?

Setting up your account
Account Name (this is the overall name you want to use for all tracking IDs, as you can add up to 100 sites to track), you can use anything – My Sites, GA accounts, or anything else

Setting up your property
The name of your company/website

Website URL (replace with your own url)

Then choose your category and set your time zone.

Leave data sharing settings checked, or uncheck any or all if you wish. Each option has a description how they will use the data sharing.

Then click blue Get Tracking ID – that will pop open a window with their terms of service, Click I Accept

The next page will show you the Tracking ID (see image below)
Copy that and code that begins with UA and send it to Advanced CMS Services. We will place it in your website so that you can view the traffic coming into the site.


Note: Check your tracking for a few weeks. Sometimes, like email, Google Analytics gets spam (fake/ghost referrals that don’t actually visit your site). If you see a large amount of unusual website references, please read more about it here: and of course, call Advanced CMS Servces if you have any questions or need assistance at 727-498-5200 or 877-237-6969.